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"In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart?": Portrait by Andy Newman

10/30/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 3 Comments

A documentary that explores the question, "In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart?"

Directed by Andy Newman:

Hi, my name is Andy Newman. I'm a freelance videographer and editor. Every day is a privilege to tell a story. I specialize in short form documentary, commercial, and fashion videography.

My video work has been produced for brands including JackThreads, The StartupBus (footage featured by TechCrunch), Bob Evans, OnScene Productions, Mac Tools (including a commercial aired on ESPN2), Snapstagram, (614) Magazine, and many more. While I was an intern for the Columbus Blue Jackets, our video work was featured by the National Hockey League, Yahoo! Sports, and​

Featuring Photographers Andria Lindquist and Cory Staudacher :

About Andria Lindquist

I feel really silly writing this. mostly because i dont think what i do should be what others do.

One of the most important things with being a photographer – i believe – is having the initiative and curiosity to figure things out for yourself. for what works with your style. see it, like it, go with it.

But i’ve been getting heaps of emails all of a sudden asking for my workflow, post processing. my secret sauce. how i get my images to look so vintage (which I dont think my images are at all, but heyandit’s much easier to answer in one spot. and I’m actually happy to tell – because, there really isn’t any secret sauce. if you’re a photographer who has their own processing down, or if you’re a bride…I’m sure this will be a huge SNOOZE of a blog post for you.

It’s funny too because I think I have the absolute most simple post processing. there are no tricks. there is no photoshop. starting with a good image does more than any post processing can achieve. granted, I’m not going to be showing RAW images, but still. start with a good image. which starts with great gear and a good eye. ( via )


About Cory Staudacher:

Cory Staudacher  is a creative director & designer, born & raised in Seattle, WA (coffee capital). Cory specializes in Interface & Web Design with a focus on clean & simplistic design.

 He partnered with developer Rhen Zabel in 2010 to start Davasso, a design studio centered around creating compelling & creative websites for businesses & non-profit organizations.

Cory worked as the creative director & designer for Ammunition, where he has established skills in growing & building a brand identity.

You can always find him at a local coffee shop working on his Mac or out exploring the city taking Instagram photos ( with 173.837 followers ) on his iPhone.

Follow here: Instagram

Cory Staudacher :


Cinematography by Andy Newman and Zach Frankart ( Zach: ).
Music written & performed by Jonathan Haidle. (

Created with the power of Kickstarter and my wonderful backers.

Thanks Andy to share this documental with our readers.


Very interesting and absolutely GORGEOUS photos!

Unknown said...

Awesome photos. You can really capture great photos even in simple moments. That is what I look for in a photographer. It is an art after all.

Unknown said...

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