Chasing Obama: Behind the Scenes with Reuters White House Photograph​er Jason Reed

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Whether it's from 35,000 feet aboard Air Force One or in a motorcade through the streets of Manhattan, Reuters White House photographer Jason Reed offers a view from behind the tinted windows of Obama's 2012 Presidential campaign.

Visit Jason Reed´s blog : blogs.reuters.com/jason-reed

I have found a old interview at PocketWizard Blog:

 “The PocketWizard is something we’ve been using at the White House since they’ve been around,” says Jason. “I use the MultiMAX Transceivers. I can’t imagine working without them. They’re so easy to use. I can put multiple cameras at different angles all on the same frequency and trigger them as either motor drive sequences or using the intervalometer, which are really easy to set up from the menu. You can shoot a picture every three seconds, five seconds, ten seconds, and you can change those settings pretty quickly.”
Photo by Jason Reed, ©Reuters via blog.pocketwizard.com
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