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The DIY "White Room" by Nick Fancher (UPDATE)

12/02/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

UPDATE: Now with Behind the scenes video of the construction of my "white room" as well as footage from a couple of shoots.

The DIY "White Room" by Nick Fancher

I recently constructed a floor to ceiling backdrop with white pegboard in my basement. Since the ceiling is just under 7 feet with exposed, dark board, I attached a glossy white hardboard to make it a seamless white transition. I laid some glossy white hardboard on the ground as well. Essentially it’s a white cube without walls. These images were all shot in this “white room”. ( saids Nick Fancher)

Another incredible great idea by our dear friend and master speedlights "Nick Fancher". Thanks

More inspiration: website | Text and images via facebook


Unknown said...

I want a son lik this