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The Fresh Coast Project: To capture the Great Lakes on film prior to the cessation of film

11/30/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Mission Statement:

The Fresh Coast Project was created by photographer Ed Wargin to capture the Great Lakes as one complete and compelling story on film while branding the Great Lakes as one bi-national region. Our purpose is to provide visual context to the challenges and opportunities we will encounter in forthcoming years.

Ed Wargin  Photographer™ via Twitter

Through our imagery, stories, and media, we aim to share the magnificent beauty of our Great Lakes with citizens of the Great Lakes basin and beyond, and to show the global community that our Great Lakes, as one ecosystem, is a true wonder of the world. We promote travel, exploration, education, enjoyment and celebration of the Great Lakes, and strive to cultivate an active role of nurturing this region by passing forward to our youth a genuine legacy of concern, gratitude, pride and stewardship.

Landscape photographers spend their careers chasing perfect sunlight. Twin Cities photographer Ed Wargin is in another kind of race, one against time. (USA TODAY)

Who: Photographer Ed Wargin, film, and the Great Lakes.

Ed Wargin  Photographer™ via Twitter

What: A collection of images on film to celebrate, enjoy, provide benchmarks, and archive the Great Lakes and its bi-national region.

Ed Wargin  Photographer™ via Facebook

When: Now.

Ed Wargin  Photographer™ via Facebook

Where: The breadth and size of the Fresh Coast consists of over 10,000 miles of shoreline running along the shores of Ontario, Canada; and the American states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. It is home to more than 35 million residents.

Ed Wargin  Photographer™ via Facebook

Why?: Due to the baseline measure that film offers by giving us an actual piece of tangible and indisputable evidence, it became imperative to capture the entire Fresh Coast on film prior to the dissolution of transparency film as a medium. To learn more, watch the Fresh Coast Project short video The Great Lakes in Photographs.
"The vision of The Fresh Coast Project is to inspire future generations of leaders, teachers, students, stewards, legislators, artists, scientists and citizens to be mindful, aware, and reflective about this vast resource. It is to promote enjoyment and celebration, respect and concern. We hope that this particular body of work encourages people to visit, explore, and live in this wonderful region. These are truly the magnificent Great Lakes, and this is a tribute to them."  saids Ed Wargin
 We posted other amazing video with Ed Wargin, do not lose it:

Video and text via  Ed Wargin´s website