reDefine with Tamara Lackey: Master Wedding Photographer Doug Gordon


In this episode of reDefine, we sat down with Doug Gordon, shock value master, and recent recipient of a UN Leadership Award.

We met up in New York and talked about how his unique, willing-to-cross-the-line personality has actually led to his very successful business, and if you have ever heard Doug speak or follow him on social media, you might understand why we had to edit this piece down just a bit.

But, we were left with an educational and excellent conversation.


Doug Gordon Flow Posing: 47 good looking poses for bride & groom (Wedding Photography)


Doug Gordon is the undisputed Master of this area of Photography.15 minutes with this video will save you 15 years of trial and error. Don't just follow the poses. Doug's warmth and ability to quickly establish an authentic rapport with his subjects is worth additional study and attention.
Asa Aarons

via douggordonworkshops

Master Wedding Photographer: Doug Gordon


Doug Gordon of Long Island NY creates some of the most unique wedding photography on the planet. This profile done for the NY1 Employment Report captures some of his energy and creativity.


How to take a portrait to a President in 90 seconds


What does it take to photograph a president?

On 30 January, 2012, The Straits Times interviewed Myanmar President Thein Sein, at the Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore.

Besides taking shots during the interview, Straits Times photojournalist Desmond Lim also wanted to make a portrait of Thein Sein.

With the help of photojournalists Samuel He and Lim Wui Liang, he set up a backdrop and three lights, an hour before the interview began.

The Myanmese officials did not agree to the shoot initially, but agreed after some negotiations.
The aim was to photograph Thein Sein after the interview and make two different portraits - as quickly as possible. Samuel will hold up the beauty dish in front of the president, while Wui Liang would shift the light for the second portrait.

This video shows the what happened the moment Thein Sein emerged from the interview session, and the photographs that were made during those 90 seconds.

by ST Pix

UPDATE | How to do a professional behind the lens video like Malia Campbell, Quentin Bacon and Scott Hargis


Maybe you want to learn to do a Behind the Scenes video, this is a good example.

by  and  Scott Hargis | Video was shot by Quentin Bacon
UPDATE: This Interiors Lighting video series (21 instructional videos) goes "live" on or before March 1st. (Thanks Scott)


Garden of the Gods: One of Colorado's most iconic photography locations of America


Best known for its towering red rock formations, Garden of the Gods is one of Colorado's most iconic locations. At over 200 million years old, the Garden has lived through countless millennia of geological phases, including the era of the dinosaurs.

The American Photographic series visits this special place in search of the legendary epic sunsets traditionally associated with its majestic peaks.

Lewis Carlyle is the owner and principal photographer for Sun Gallery. A world traveler, food lover and life long Beatles fan, he is constantly exploring new cultures in search of inspiration. He is passionate about helping others experience the endless colors of life through his lens. It is his promise that Sun Gallery Photography will always seek to immortalize the great beauty, rich flavors and wonderful people of our world.

by Lewis Carlyle | website | blog | twitter

Nikon D4 Hands-On Sneak Peek by TheCameraStoreTV


The Camera Store's Chris Niccolls had the chance to take a look at the new Nikon D4. Find out why he's so excited about Nikon's new flagship camera.

Shot and edited by Jordan Drake
Filmed on a Panasonic AF100

Nikon’s new D4 D-SLR is unique in that it is the first Nikon D-SLR to separate flash exposure compensation from the camera’s exposure compensation when using the camera with compatible Nikon Speedlights in i-TTL.
( read more.....via nikonusa.com )


All you need to know about Print Sizes by Mark Wallace


AdoramaTV Presents Digital Photography One on One. In this week's episode Mark discusses image resolution and file size. Watch as Mark takes you through an in-studio exercise to illustrate how large you can print using different cameras.

Download a spreadsheet with camera specifications and print size calculations here:

Watch Episode 41: Dynamic Range

Visit adorama.com/learn for more photography videos!

Send your questions to: AskMark@Adorama.com

REVIEW: Lighting For Real Estate Photography by Scott Hargis


Joe Jonas for Trinity Stars Magazine by Photographer Moshe Brakha (Eddie and Buddy Brakha )


Joe Jonas behind the scenes shoot for Trinity Stars Magazine.

Born in Israel, reborn in Hollywood and a graduate of the Art Center School of Design, Moshe Brakha has been captivating the creative world with is cutting edge advertising for over three decades.

What began with an album cover for Boz Scaggs “Silk Degrees”, and shoots for Rolling Stone Magazine, Moshe’s print work has been trailblazing the fashion and advertising worlds with celebrated advertising campaigns for Air Walk, Skyy Vodka, Martini and Rossi, Camel Cigarettes, Adidas, Nextel, Best Buy, Terra Chips and everything in between, consistently doing celebrity spreads and covers for Newsweek Magazine, Details, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair and Conde Nast Traveler.  ( text via spokefilms.tv/moshe )

Still Photographer: Moshe Brakha
Director: Eddie Brakha
Producer: Buddy Brakha
DP/Editing: Shaun Lang

Sure you know some iconic pictures like this:


Moshe Brakha´s website | facebook | twitter | blog

David Hobby "Strobist" has a post about Moshe Brakha's "Dirty Light": here

by Shaun Lang Photography


Behind the scenes "In Character: Actors Acting": Photographer Howard Schatz captures some of Hollywood’s most emotive stars in the act of, well, making faces.


World renowned photographer Howard Schatz sits down with comedian/actor/director Ricky Gervais to gain insight on his career hand what he loves about the trade.

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at his photoshoot for Vanity Fair and Howard's "In Character" series.

Ricky Gervais is known as the creator of The Office, and star of the British version of the show. He is also known for The Ricky Gervais Show, Extras, and The Invention of Lying.

If you want to watch six behind the scenes videos about his project: Click here to watch more...

UPDATE | Basic Portrait Lighting Techniques for photography and video: butterfly, loop, rembrandt, split and more.


Jeff Shaffer and Dawn Smith have over 20 years experience working as image makers for advertising agencies, corporations, design firms, and publications.  They have won numerous awards for their work from the CT Art Director’s Club, Western MA. Ad Club, and Print magazine.

Jeff is also an Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop and Lightroom, and works as a training consultant for Future Media Concepts in New York City as well as an Adjunct Photo Instructor at Tunxis and Manchester Community Colleges in CT.  Dawn’s food photography has been published in numerous national consumer publications such as Bon Appetit, Family Circle and Woman’s Day  and also has appeared in several cookbooks. ( text via shaffersmith.biz/about )

via Jeff Shaffer | website | facebook | twitter

UPDATE: Animated graphics added!

Kip Praslowicz, Street Photographer


Duluth-based street photographer Kip Praslowicz shares his approach to portraits, and candid scenes in the community.

 About Kip Praslowicz

My name is Kip Praslowicz, a web developer by day, and a photographer by night (and anytime I can get away from work during the day). I currently am located in Duluth, MN.

I originally started dabbling with photography in the late 90's, and took it on as a full forced hobby in 2001. I created this site early in 2001 just as a place where I could store and share my images. As the years went by, and the expectations of what a web site should have changed, I now use this space as a blog to share my thoughts about photography, as well as provide bits & pieces of the technical things I figure out on my own. ( text by  kpraslowicz.com/about )

1AM Toothing Pains

A Woman Walks On Ice

Kip Praslowicz´s website | twitter | Facebook | blog | Flickr | Google+

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Henri Cartier-Bresson - The Impassioned Eye


by Jason Braun  |  via twitter by @JuergenBuergin

A DIY Inexpensive Optical Viewfinder for Compact Digital cameras with a hot shoe.


By using the optical viewfinder removed from a single use camera (SUC) it is fairly easy to make a viewfinder which will have the same field of view as the wide angle setting of most compact digital cameras.

The project requires only a small hacksa to remove the complete viewfinder from the lens block assembly. Once removed it is glued to 2 strips of 1/5 mm plastic sheet which are cut to fit the 2 dimensions of the hot shoe.

The viewfinder is spaced from the hotshoe by abot 6 to 9 mm to allow the eye to align easily with it. It can be covered from the plastic body of the original SUC or use thin black cardboard to close the unit. If the SUC has a electronic flash unit then an important health and safety notice is included in the video.

This is the concept/prototype instruction here, individual modifications to the final build are to be encouraged by those wishing to copy this idea.


Nikon D4 or Canon 1DX? Video Comparison to ISO 1600


Second test with the Canon EOS-1D X and the Nikon D4: In this video comparison we tested the low light capabilities of the upcoming pro cameras!

Lenses on both cameras: Sigma 50mm F/1.4 + Sigma 85mm F/1.4

Settings on both cameras:
ISO 1600
Aperture F/2 + F/2.8
Shutter speed 1/50s

"You Were The Only One" by Abdelmoumen

Facebook: http://facebook.com/FenchelJanisch
Our new YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/FenchelJanisch2
Twitter: http://twitter.com/FenchelJanisch
More Canon EOS-1D X videos on our channel:
Official website:


Magic hour, Golden Gate Bridge, one light and photographer Eric C. Gould on location with Doug Peck


Enjoy watching photographers Eric Gould and Doug Peck at the Golden Gate Bridge at night. Learn to take classic night time images.Video was shoot and edited by Ferguson Sauve-Rogan. Music and some video licensed from Pond5.com.

via Eric Gould

A Behind the Scenes video from Georgie Hunt's portrait shoot for Salomon.


Currently ranked 3rd in Great Britain for Slalom, Georgie also competes in the Super G and Downhill disciplines. He has been representing his country skiing for 10 years after starting since the age of 4.

Cannon Photography is home to freelance photographer
James Cannon.

James shoots sports, editorial and portrait photography and is available for commissions across the UK. His personal work explores the landscape where industry interacts with the environment.

Qualified to degree level, his work has been published by national magazines, clubs, websites, libraries, agencies and event companies, with discounted rates available for charities.

by James Cannonwebsite | twitter | facebook | blog

© James Cannon

Joe McNally Photography- On location with the Nikon D4


A BTS look at several shoots by Joe McNally, for the Nikon D4 campaign.

All footage shot on Nikon D4 and D7000 cameras.

by Joe McNally Photography

And this is why Joe is one of my favorites photographers, incredible:


PBS American Experience - Ansel Adams, A Documentary Film


by via xatakafoto.com

Learn all secrets about DSLR Video Workflow with free PDF via Tyler Stableford


A behind-the-scenes look at the Canon commercial "The Craftsman." Set in scenic Silverton, Colorado we follow director Sng Tong Beng as he creates an inspiring piece featuring Canon photographers Tyler Stableford and Sandy Puc.

Tyler Stableford offers you his complete DSLR Video Workflow......FREE

I hope it saves you some of the endless trial and error I’ve been through! This PDF is part of a DSLR Video Crash Course seminar I gave at the PhotoPlus Expo; follow my blog to stay in touch for upcoming workshop opportunities.  ( via Tyler Stableford´s blog )

To get your free PDF of this  DSLR Video Workflow   visit the Tyler Stableford´s blog


How to light a DIY white wall video via James Boyd


Filmmaker James Boyd discusses how to light a DIY white wall video, "Contagion Lady" & the upcoming 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Video blog - 1.4.12.

About the equipment:

Smith-Victor 600w
Lowel Tota 750w
Lowel Pro 250w
Creative Light softbox umbrella with (x4) 45w bulbs
Canon 5DMKII
70-200mm f/2.8L
ISO 160
1/50th shutter speed @ f/4.0
Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic
Zoom H4N

Follow me on twitter.com/JamesBoyd6161


DIY dining room studio.

via  James Boyd

Check out my blog for more details and links:  JamesBoydPresents.com

DIY Variable-ND filter as cheap as 10$


I'm certainly not the first to do this, but most are just picture tutorials. I thought it would be helpful to watch someone complete the process. Cheap circular polarization filters can be purchased online for as cheap as $5 each. The entire mod process takes about 10-15 minutes with the right tools. Easy and straight forward.

1. Take care not to damage the filter when unscrewing the retaining ring. It is easy to slip and scratch the class or coating.

2. There is a reason the Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter is over $300, but for around $10 a little color shift/drop in contrast/slight vignetting (all easily corrected in post) is worth the savings in my book.

by Travis L. Patterson Media

How to build a DIY shotgun mic mount | The price $3.22


Here I will show you how to build a DIY shotgun mic mount that looks good, easy to assemble, small and Cheap! Please share, comment, rate and subscribe!

This build is for the mount itself where you could actually thread a 1/4" bolt directly into, such as your tripod quick release plate. I have also build a DIY hotshoe adapter for this but that build is shown in a separate video.

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$10 DIY Light Stand! Learn how you can build your own light kit!



How To set your Light Meter for Concert Photography


Have you ever wondered why your images are coming out extremely dark when you are shooting live events? Well the main reason is that your light meter is being thrown off by the stage lights. What is happening is your light meter is seeing extremely bright stage lights and it is tricking your camera to "think" there is a ton of light in the whole scene when there really isn't.

Let me paint the picture for you. If you are inside and you see your light meter read 1/8000 of a second you should know that that is not correct. Now its correct in the term that if you were shooting just the stage lights it would need to be shot that fast. But if you are trying to capture a band they would just come out dark because of such a fast shutter speed. This is all part of the mentality of photography and knowing when something is either to good to be true or just can not be right.

Click HERE to read the full article http://froknowsphoto.com/how-to-meter-concert-lighting/

Click Here to get your FREE EBOOK. http://froknowsphoto.com/how-to-meter-concert-lighting/

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Scott Kelby´s The Grid: Nikon D4 Special Episode


Scott Kelby  is joined by members of Nikon's Professional Services to discuss the new Nikon D4. This special episode includes a live studio shoot using the D4 as well as a question and answer session with Nikon's Scott Diussa, Bill Pekala, and Mark Suban.



7 Tips to A Better Black and White by Phlearn


© 2012 Phlearn LLC | Click image to watch video

If you love black and white images, you have to watch this video to know how to use photoshop, thanks to Aaron Nace and Phlearn Team.

To be a Phlearnaholic watch the complete post here

via Phlearn.com 

Jeremy Cowart New Print Portfolio


This is my new physical print portfolio, created the week of January 25th, 2012...

Do you have a print portfolio, what are you waiting for?

via by Jeremy Cowart

Behind The Scenes At The 2011 Barron’s Roundtable by Brad Trent


Brand Trent is one of my favorites photographers and it is amazing  how he uses the light getting pictures with a great visual impact like this magazine cover. If you want to know how Brad  did this cover read the original post here.

Brad Trent´s website | Twitter | blog

The Photo Palace Bus In Support of Analog Photography: A mobile studio and darkroom


Mission Statement:
To travel across the United States and beyond, documenting the people and landscape and educating public about Analog Photography in order to support Film as a form of Artistic Expression.
Main Goals:
1.     To provide hands on educational opportunities for children and adults alike all across the United States. An engaging Analog Photography curriculum will supplement these activities to create an enriching series of activities to help propagate analog photography.
2.     To chart the “New Americana” by creating a 10,000 negative photo narrative covering all aspects from “Fringe” to “Pop.”
3.     To display works created with various analog photography means along the route in both impromptu and scheduled events.
4.     To unite and spread awareness about analog photographers through a portable showroom and classroom. 

Read more this kickstarter project: here

Thanks to filmsnotdead.com

Some ideas to use a Gobo and to be more creative


by Alexander Heinrichs

Terry Richardson and Kate Moss: Behind the Scenes MANGO SS12 Campaign


Watch behind-the-scenes of the SS12 Mango commercial starring Kate Moss.


When to be a sport photographer is a high risk job



Shooting Digital Black & White: A lighting Lesson by Jay P. Morgan


The art of shooting Black and White Photography has changed with the introduction of digital cameras. Many people convert their images to Black and White in the post process but very few shoot with Black and White in mind from the beginning.

This lesson focuses on shooting digital Black and White images, giving tips and ways to focus on that thought in the camera, not the computer.

In the end, it is a conversion process in Photoshop or Silver Effects. But you will create better Black and White images if you shoot with Black and White in mind from the beginning.

Good luck and keep on click-in! Jay P. Morgan

By | website | blog | twitter

A [FRAMED] Moment With Joel Grimes talking about some pretty cool HDR images in NYC


We caught up with Joel Grimes in New York City as he talked about some pretty cool HDR images he took with his new tilt shift lens. Plus, he "kind of" talks about his new and exciting feature that will soon be a part of [FRAMED] Season 3.....launching May 2012!

Special thanks to Yotel in New York for their excellent hotel accommodation


Coffee Region Photography Trip by Lightenupandshoot.com


http://lightenupandshoot.com/ goes on a 10 day road trip through the coffee region of Colombia. Mikey decided to invite two professional photographers to join in on the adventure and also help shoot video. Behind the scenes videos are going to be released as they are edited. Stay tuned for videos showing the diverse culture of Colombia, lighting techniques, in depth look at the gear used for shots and how to work with subjects. Chao, Mikey!

via lightenupandshoot.com

Three-Point Lighting for Portrait Photography


An overview of a classic three-point lighting setup used in portrait photography. 

The 50-Dollar Follow Focus Kickstarter Project


All we wanted was an affordable way to adjust the focus on our DSLRs in a precise, repeatable manner. We wanted a device that performed solidly and intuitively and we didn't want to spend a lot of money on it since we'd rather spend our hard-earned dollars on more lenses or food and beer for the underpaid crews on our low-budget shoots. But such a follow focus didn't exist, until we made one, that is. Text via Wiley Davis ( read more..)

via twitter by @jthorpephoto

Mirrorless Rangefinder Fuji X-Pro1 @ CES 2012


The long awaited Fuji X-Pro1 was finally available to see and touch at CES 2012.
W/ 16MP APS-C sensor and interchangeable lenses, this camera may be the Leica buster advanced shooters have been waiting for.

Visit us at http://photoinduced.com for more photo-ness, and allow us at http://facebook.com/photoinduced and http://twitter.com/photoinduced


Behind the Scenes new TV Serie J.J. Abrams´ ALCATRAZ :Photo Shoot


Catch an all-new episode of ALCATRAZ on MON at 9/8c, on FOX!

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About setup and equipment:

Behind the Scenes the skydiving Lenovo laptop : Boot or Bust


Lenovo has reduced boot up time to just seconds with its RapidBoot technology. Naturally, we chose to toss a ThinkPad out of a plane from 12,500 feet to prove it works. The fun part? The computer would have to save itself.

Behind the scenes: For all who doubt the authenticity of Lenovo – Boot or Bust, here's how we did it. For real.

via Alex Saiz | website | twitter | facebook 

More information about the jump: The Wire

Using a Flash in the Sun by Mark Wallace


 In this week's episode Mark explains why you might choose to use a flash when shooting outside in bright sunlight. Watch as Mark takes you through an in-studio exercise and then heads out to the park for a demonstration.

Visit adorama.com/learn for more photography videos!

Send your questions to: AskMark@Adorama.com


Behind The Scenes Video with Tila Tequila by James Ellis Photography


James Ellis Photography: website | blog |

by James Ellis Photography

Food Photography: Behind The Scenes with Michelin Chef Chris Eden, CCS & Frasershot


We have just finished and edited our behind the scenes video from Frasershot Phtography's recent food photography shoot with new Michelin star chef Chris Eden of the Driftwood Hotel in Cornwall. The project was shot in association with CCS used to promote their range of Crockery.

Gasp Creative Video Partners to Frasershot Photography have put together the video which is part of this project which is one of a series that will be produced over the course of the next few months. The finished pictures will be published shortly and we will let you know when they are available to view at frasershot.com.

The video was shot completely of the Canon 5D Mark II with the redrock cinema rig modernised for the operator.

GASP was originally set up in 2001 and traded in the videography arena providing a full range of video disciplines.

Two decades of  experience in the media industry with a vast skill set ranging from producing and directing multiple films and broadcast TV commercials to field documentaries, photography, brand design, digital web design & development and event logistics and planning for a wide range of clients.

We hope you enjoy, and please feel free to comment!

Text and videos via by GASP

website | facebook | twitter | blog 

Nikon D4 vs. Nikon D7000: Comparison


First video comparison between the upcoming Nikon D4 an the in 2010 released Nikon D7000. We used the crop mode of the D4 to get the same focal length.
Same settings on both cameras!

Lenses on both DSLRs: Nikon 35mm F/1.8 + Nikon 50mm F/1.8

Settings on both cameras:
ISO 100
Aperture F/2.8, F/4 + F/5.6
Shutter speed 1/50s

"Synthesizers in Reunion" by Kevin MacLeod

via Fenchel & Janisch:

Twitter  | Facebook | YouTube  | Official website

Dancer in the Dark: Strobist tutorial using long exposure and stroboscopic flash


Off Camera Flash has driven a lot of the photographic work that we've done. In this experiment we have some fun with long exposure and stroboscopic flash using a couple Nikon SB-800s and one SB-900.

Model: Jenna Skye
Hair and Makeup: Courtney Duncan
Photography by  R.J. Hidson

website | facebook | twitter | flickr

First Google Street View. Now Inside B&H Photo conveyor system...with a Go Pro Camera


We sneaked into B&H famous conveyor system with a Go Pro camera to see how it works from the inside.

Fun ride !

Text and video via  Lense

Related Posts:


Lightpainted Reality: the light painting documentary


This is a documentary of a photographic technique called light painting. The dudes in action in the documentary are Hannu Huhtamo (http://www.flickr.com/photos/hhuhtamo/ ) , Janne Parviainen "Jannepaint" ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/jannepaint/ ) and Pekka Parviainen ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/pparvi/ ).

Lenght of the documentary about 26 minutes.


LEOLA's singer Tuuli Okkonen (part I)


To contact me about the documentary e-mail: iconglass@hotmail.com. And some making of-photos of our video stuff can be found from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ninjawhispers/.

Thanks for your interest and hope you enjoy the documentary!

The documentary is directed, shot and edited by Nico A. Eloranta.

Painting With Light individual parts of a B-25 Bomber and combine them in post production with photoshop


Painting with light is a challenging photographic technique and in this video I'll show you the tools I used and then the Photoshop techniques needed to create the final image.


Sure you know to Eric William Curry and  this video, now you know the secret to get a similiar image:


Canon 1D X vs. Nikon D4: Which one is better?


First video comparison between the upcoming Nikon D4 and Canon EOS-1D X shot in daylight.
Same settings on both cameras!

Lenses on both lenses: Sigma 50mm F/1.4 + Sigma 85mm F/1.4

via  Fenchel & Janisch | website | Twitter | Facebook

Some ideas about how to make your photography portfolio website


Having done much research lately, I find it surprising how many really great photographers fall short when it comes to their website. This is the first in a multi-part series on websites for photographers.

via Ted Forbes

Some good ideas and examples:


Film and Video: A Introduction to Studio Lighting Equipment and Light Modifiers


Click the image to watch video

Den Lennie is an award winning veteran of a 17 year career in television production with credits as Lighting Cameraman, DOP, Producer and Director. He’s worked with broadcasters, production companies and top film-makers from all over the world, filming in nearly 50 countries.

The list of people Den has personally lit and filmed reads like a Who’s Who of celebrities from the world of cinema and music:Ewan McGregor, U2, Bon Jovi, Liam Neeson, Kylie Minogue, Mel Gibson, Noel Gallagher, Robbie Williams, Christina Aguilera, Tom Cruise and Naomi Cambell are just a few of the names Den has captured on film or video.He’s worked at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, the MTV and Mobo awards ceremonies and at London Fashion Week.

Den’s career has also taken him into the field of news and documentaries, of property and travel programmes – winning 2 x Royal Television Society awards in the UK for a special programme on the Soho Bomb, and a series for ITV called Holiday Showdown.

via Den Lennie  | website | twitter | facebook

Candice Swanepoel ~ Harper's Bazaar USA February 2012 by Terry Richardson


Photos by Terry Richardson

$25 DIY dual shoulder mount for DSLR's! Watch the latest Film Riot for an awesome, cheap & effective stabilizer build


Last week we made a DIY shoulder mount. This week we wanted to take it up a notch and try something we haven't seen done before. What we came up with is something we call the Film Riot .50 Cal! An awesome DIY approach to a shoulder rig.

( via Film Riot )

Read here the list of componets:


I’ve photographed quite a lot of weddings but this was a first – a bride in water by Richard Budd


I've photographed quite a lot of weddings but this was a first - a bride in water. OK so it wasn't her wedding day and Charlotte kindly spent most of it in cold water (thank you Charlotte) but it certainly produced some lovely results. I love sailing - I spent many weekends in Weymouth harbour as a youngster wondering why my mates were playing football instead. I've since forgotten the cold damp bus trips home of course.

The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy called to ask me to help with publicity for their up coming wedding fayre. So along with hair and makeup artist www.SianStone.co.uk I set off for the Academy where they built a temporary pool for me - I'm not sure if they thought I was mad  to ask but they did a great job and a massive thanks to the staff behind the scenes.
Many thanks to Oxfam Bridal (Poole, Dorset) for a fantastic dress, and above all Claudia for letting us get involved.


The setup. 3 flashes and beauty dish

The setup

The Bridal Fayre is on the Monday 9th April 2012 – so put this in your diary and see you there, as Richard Budd Wedding Photography will also be exhibiting there on the day. Don’t forget to come and say hello at our stand.  For more information go to http://www.wpnsa.org.uk/functions-and-seminars/weddings-functions/

The final result

Text and photos by www.richardbudd.co.uk
Based in Dorset, UK, covering weddings, events and commercial photography / design work available for worldwide commissions…

Chris Floyd talks about the inspiration behind his project to photograph 140 of his Twitter followers/followees


In July 2010 I decided to begin photographing people that I follow on Twitter.  The idea for this came at a moment when I realised I had not seen or spoken to any of my best half a dozen real and actual friends for over a month. Some of those people on Twitter I communicate with several times a week, in bursts of 140 characters or less, and yet I had never met any of them. As we are now well and truly living in a digital age I am aware that this state of being is only going to deepen and the traditional forms of friendship, although they will not go away anytime soon, are going to have to make more room for the new way of doing things.  

Where Facebook might be considered as the place in which you tell lies to all the people you went to school with, I had begun to think of Twitter as the place where you tell the truth to all those that you wish you’d gone to school with.  The project rolled on indefinitely for almost a year but when, one day, I counted up the number of subjects to date and came to a number in the mid one hundred and thirties, I immediately knew where this had to end.  So here they are.  My new friends.  140 characters.  No more and no less. ( text via 100fortycharacters.wordpress.com )

via Chris Floyd | project| website | twitter | blog

RED Epic Basic Tutorial: differences between shooting on DSLR cameras and shooting on Epic


A while back I did a BTS video of a camera crew using the RED Epic, after that I got an email from James Drake who is co-owner of 5kInsight.com, a local RED camera rental house in Denver, asking if I would like to see one and try it out. I was like, "Sure you bet, that would be fun".

So we met up at Denver's Union Station a few days ago and James gave me a tutorial on how to shoot with it which you will see here, after that I got to shoot a video interview with James using his Epic.

It's an interesting interview and tutorial because James relates a lot stuff on the RED Epic to shooting with a DSLR since he owns a Canon 5D as well.

I think this tutorial is worth watching or at least bookmarking because some of you in the future will need to rent one of these to intermix footage with your DSLR or do an entire shoot with it when you client has the budget for it.

Right now I'm in the process of taking the Epic's footage from the interview and learning the workflow so I can publish the interview pretty soon, so keep an eye out for it.

I wanted say thanks to Patrick Downey who is James assistant that was nice enough to take my Canon T2i and film this tutorial for me. If you noticed the audio change during the tutorial, this because Patrick had to change cards and the second part of the audio was not done on a Magic Lantern card so you can heard the AGC in action.

via learningdslrvideo.com/red-epic-tutorial/

Playboy’s 2010 Playmate Of The Year Lauren Vickers


Lauren Vickers is an Internationally known model that was kind enough to give her time for Jonathan Dear from Vibrant Photography & Clay Fisher to do a Photo/Video shoot using Profoto's ProDaylight 800 with Cine Reflector & Mola Beauty Dish. A big thank you to L&P Digital Photographic for supplying the lighting. Location: Fraser Suites – Sydney CBD.

by  Clay Fisher   (via http://blog.planet5d.com )

Scott Kelby's Visit to India: Some lightroom and street photography tips.


During the Grid this past Wednesday, Scott Kelby shows us a few pictures he took on his most recent visit to India. Matt Kloskowski and Zack Arias are guests.



Joe McNally sets up his lights for Kelby Training


Joe McNally was in town shooting a lighting video for Kelby Training. He travels heavy with a lot of gear and light shapers. He started the shoot with a local dance company, the 605 Collective.

by David Cooper´s blog

Drew Barrymore loves film cameras and... parties


For V75 The Music Issue, actor, director, and devoted audiophile put pen to paper on what music means to her, and held a camera up to her favorite au courant acts.

Featuring Mac Miller, Mayer Hawthorne, the Peach Kings, M83, Spank Rock, Warpaint, Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound, Lord Huron, and the Drums

V75 is on sale now:

Behind the scenes video by Flower Films

by V Magazine

Behind the Scenes: Barbara Palvin & Suki Alice by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia February 2012


Behind the scenes video of Barbara Palvin & Suki Alice beauty shoot for the February issue of Vogue Italia by Miles Aldridge.

What to do when your location isn't beautiful? Use your flash to kill the background


The Perfect Picture School of Photography Instructor Kevin Focht teaches you how to use flash to kill the image background.

via  ppsop.com

A paradise place to work: SmugMug


SmugMug's Annual trip for 2011 was in Jackson Hole. Come along for the ride and meet some of the great people that took part.

SmugMug is unlike any other company. We bootstrapped it to profitability so we're completely independent. We're in a funky building with the best chef in the Silicon Valley, the best health insurance of any company you know, a personal trainer and amazing photos on the walls. And that's just the beginning. Our story. (text via smugmug.com/jobs/ )
video via RETV from Resource Magazine


Battle At F-Stop Ridge......continues | Part II




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How We Create Australia's Best Large Format Group Portrait


Since 1986 Group Portraits have pioneered the art and science of high quality, grand scale, School Portraits.

Over 1500 panoramic, large format group portraits, 1000 Private School Years archived and over 3 million Students immortalised across Australia.

For best results play in Full Screen HD

by Group Portraits

A Colossal Film Camera with negatives 6-feet by 4.5-feet to capture Vanishing Cultures


The Project:

The Camera:

Dennis Manarchy the creator of this ambitious and simply brilliant project, has already embarked on a 10-year journey to bring this incredible project, together. Through endless trial and error, 3 prototype cameras, over 30 test subjects and a whole lot of agony and frustration, it is finally nearly completed. This one of a kind monumental camera will be transported by a huge truck trailer, due to it’s extremely large size. The negatives are 6-feet by 4.5-feet. No digital camera in years to come will be able to compete with this clear crisp quality and tremendous detail.  ( text via filmnotdead.com )

via http://filmsnotdead.com

Read more about this project thanks to:  http://filmsnotdead.com

Gigapixel Project: How to do a 30,000 Megapixel image of Machu Picchu the "Lost City of the Incas"


 by Jeff Cremer

Machu Picchu is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and is often referred to as the "Lost City of the Incas", it is perhaps the most familiar icon of the Inca World.

In 2008, the World Monuments Fund placed Machu Picchu on its Watch List of the 100 Most Endangered Sites in the world because of environmental degradation due to tourism.

Beautiful, historical and threatened, we believe that this remarkable site deserves a remarkable photo.

What’s your plan?


Seconds With photographer Stephen Dupont (Robert Capa Gold Medal)


While a professional photographer spends decades perfecting their craft, the collection of shots they value most add up to mere seconds of exposure time.

About  Stephen Dupon:

Stephen Dupont was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1967. Over the past two decades, Dupont has produced a remarkable body of visual work; hauntingly beautiful photographs of fragile cultures and marginalized peoples. He skillfully captures the human dignity of his subjects with great intimacy and often in some of the world’s most dangerous regions. His images have received international acclaim for their artistic integrity and valuable insight into the people, culture and communities that have existed for hundreds of years, yet are fast disappearing from our world.

Dupont’s work has earned him photography’s most prestigious prizes, including a Robert Capa Gold Medal citation from the Overseas Press Club of America; a Bayeux War Correspondent’s Prize; and first places in the World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International, the Australian Walkleys, and Leica/CCP Documentary Award. In 2007 he was the recipient of the W. Eugene Smith Grant for Humanistic Photography for his ongoing project on Afghanistan. In 2010 he received the Gardner Fellowship at Harvard's Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology. ( via stephendupont.com )

'Seconds/with' celebrates the stories behind those magical fractions of time.

website | blog | more videos

Take a stroll inside the B&H SuperStore with Google Street View


View Larger Map

Visit one of the most famous photography stores around the world: B&H Photo Video with Google StreetView
· bhphoto.com   420 9th Avenue, New York, NY (800) 947-9903

Sehnsucht: Fashion photoshoot in The Royal Palace of Vrana with Hasselblad H4D-40 by Nikola Borissov


Behind the scenes of the "Sehnsucht" fashion editorial by photographer Nikola Borissov.

Bulgarian photographer Nikola Borissov is relishing the chance to be in control and to use his beloved Hasselblad H4D-40 to create a portfolio that will showcase his creative skills and win him new clients.

About Nikola:

Nikola Borissov is born in 1980 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1999 he moves to Milan, Italy, where he graduates in Political Sciences and International Economics. In 2006 he abandons the world of finance and banking in order to pursue a career in fashion and advertising photography. Currently he divides his time between Milan, Cape Town and Sofia, and collaborates on a regular basis with some of the leading brands and magazines in the fashion industry, though in his personal work he keeps alive his initial passion for reportage and street photography. ( via Nikola´s website)

websitefacebook  | more information: hasselblad bulletin

by Nikola Borissov

Darren's Gigantic Mega-large Format DIY Camera


Darren Samuelson builds a great big camera to quench his thirst for extra large format photography. But is it quenched? I think he will make a trailer into a camera next...

About Darren Samuelson

It started, I suppose, when I was a kid. My mom brought home an old Brownie Hawkeye camera which she had picked up at the Salvation Army for one dollar. I used it a bit, but never really felt any sort of connection to it-- although it did create some happy memories. Many years later, after leaving art school unsatisfied, I was once again given a camera by my mother. This was the one that had taken all the family photos of me and my siblings growing up. It was hard to find film for it, but now I wanted to take pictures, and in time, I started buying cheap, old cameras which took me on an evolutionary journey that led me to where I am now.

The photos are mostly explorations of known, recognizable subject matter; but I try to present them as I imagine them, in a more abstract and playful light. ( via darrensamuelson.com/about )

© Darren Samuelson
© Darren Samuelson 
website | blog

by Yasmin Mawaz-Khan


Photographer and sculptor Philippe Ramette: Behind the Scenes Defy Gravity Portraits ( via petapixel.com)


via petapixel.com

[1324] project by Joshua D. Curtis (via unknownphotographer.net)


Joshua D. Curtis goes over his 1324 project and how it helps him keep motivated in photography.

Sure you will found some portraits of famous photographers in this project like Zack Arias or Jeremy Cowart

website | twitter | blog | Google+

via  unknownphotographer.net

Free portraits: Money is not the most important thing for photographer Nathaniel Taylor


Behind the scenes video of photographer Nathaniel Taylor shooting holiday portraits at Foothill Vocational in Pasadena, Ca.

For Nathaniel Taylor, photography has always been in his blood. A second generation photographer, Nathaniel has learned from some of the brightest minds in the business. Whether learning traditional portraiture from his father, to understanding the business by running the family studio, he never stopped pushing himself to new heights. Never one to limit himself, he has transitioned seamlessly into the editorial and commercial field, creating fantastic images through his own unique style of fashioned inspired portraiture.

via Nathaniel Taylor: Website | Twitter

Original way to do stop motion with an IPad: Behind the scenes BlueRock Holiday Card


WARNING: No special effects were used during the making of this video.

BlueRock is a New York-based creative editorial company that’s an industry leader known for its artistic diversity and technological integration.

The company is home to a group of talented editors, whose recent work includes TV commercials and longer-format pieces for such brands as Avon, American Express, ESPN, FedEx, Microsoft, Wendy’s, AT&T, Garnier and Toyota. Under the leadership of John Palestrini and Ethel Rubinstein, industry innovators, the studio has established a reputation for providing both its clients and its staff with a supportive environment steeped in creative excellence.
If you want to watch the final video: here

by BlueRock Editorial


HoldFast: Photographer's Accessories with Classic Americana Style


 About HoldFast:

HoldFast is a company truly born out of necessity. I've traveled the world capturing humanity in it's highs and lows, and along the ride HoldFast, LLC was born. There's a recognized need for speed and comfort and an equally essential need for style. These qualities describe HoldFast, a company born in the heart of the United States of America founded on Classic Americana themes including style, durability and functionality.

My name is Matthew Swaggart. I'm a man of taste, logic and most of all faith. I realize these don't commonly mix but it's what drives me.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Nikon D4 Guided Tour


 What Digital Camera talks to james banfield of Nikon UK about the key features of the Nikon D4


Headshot Photography Guide: Four Styles with examples


Four styles of headshots are described by experienced headshot photographer with many examples. You will see corporate (business) headshot, audition (actor/theatrical) headshot, publicity headshot, and less traditional, casual portraiture.

To find more information, please visit beaupix.com/headshot

Digital Light Sculpting: Light painting with photoshop and one cheap projector


by Bryan Edwards  (via fstoppers.com)

Sound: Which Mic should I buy?


For more info go to: oregonfilmmaker.com


How to Take Portraits With One Flash


Kai gets challenged to take portraits with modest equipment: a Nikon D3100, 50mm lens and one flash.


Use Long Exposure and Light Painting in your landscape pictures


AdoramaTV Presents You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson. Join Bryan on the coast of Oregon where he discusses how to use long exposure and light to create a compelling image. Watch as Bryan uses his unique artistic eye and a flashlight to capture a creative photograph.

Visit adorama.com/learn for more photography videos!

 Bryan Peterson: Website | Blog

A black backdrop, back-lighting and a lot of water to create the 2012 BYU Gymnastics Posters


Go behind the scenes with the BYU Photo team as they go to the RB pool to create the 2012 BYU Gymnastics Posters.

By using a black backdrop, back-lighting and a lot of water they create some unique images for this year's marketing campaign.

© BUY  Lighting setup – lights are in the green circles 

For more info on the shoot, visit http://photo.byu.edu/pages/water-gymnastics-poster

via BYU University