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Do you have problems to balance light bulbs with strobes? Jay P Morgan explains all you need to know

1/09/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today on the Slanted Lens they will show you how to balance practical lights in a room with strobes. This principle can be a bit tricky to understand and apply but it is an important part of the photographic process.

If you shoot with strobes you will need to balance them with a secondary source on a regular basis. Whether it's the lamps in a room or the setting sun the principle is the same. Using the exposure triangle we will show in this lesson how to balance 2 different light sources, strobes and light bulbs.

Light bulbs and shutter speed | © Jay P Morgan
As Jay P Morgan saids this could be strobes and the setting sun or strobes and tungsten lights. The principle is the same. The strobes are the main light source and the constant light becomes the secondary source. An average photo can look so much better if you give a proper exposure to the lights in a room, creating a scene with a warm and inviting look.

Let's see how to accomplish this.

Keep those cameras rolling and keep on clickn'.

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