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Model Tied Down with Sharks to Create Surreal Shark Shepherd Photoshoot

1/18/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

See how it was done:
See the petition:

Some behind the scenes images:

The final images:

Special thanks: Barefoot Collection, Tourism Fiji, Nauticam

Photography: Von Wong
Video editing: Adam Frimer -
Model: Amber Bourke -
Underwater video operator: Steve Hathaway - Young Oceans Explorers
Drone operator: Joost Glaser
Shark Expert: Thomas Vignaud
Dive Team: Lydia Murray, Kris Mcbride, Rachel Young, Carlo Acosta
Screenwriting: Yonatan Kanaskevich

Conservation partner: Shark Stewards -

Underwater footage courtesy of Steve Hathaway - available for licensing separately from this video.

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