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Gravity: This is how Alex Kapustin won 1st place for the #myOnHand Instagram Contest

3/14/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Here it is, a quick photo shoot containing the prizes Alex Kapustin won from last year’s#myonhand contest:
  • ONA Bag - Prince Street Messenger - 100 Cameras Collab.
  • Fuji X100 T
  • Field Notes - 12 months subscription
  • Tele & Wide Moment Lens
  • Lifetime membership to
The rest of the gear is part of his everyday carry on!

Watch the video to see the process in making this photo

And this is the video of the image that won the prize:

#myOnHand I am super excited to share this unique post. Today @useformat notified me that I won 1st place for the #myOnHand Instagram Contest. There were 800+ submissions, I don’t have the words to express how excited I am to reach such an amazing achievement. However, I do want to thank @onabags, @useformat @moment_lens, @fieldnotesbrand for this experience. A huge thanks to my beautiful girlfriend @wordsfromtherunway and best friend @evnrgrs for the motivation and push to keep going! This was an extremely challenging project and such a unique experience. There is always something new to learn, and that is the exciting part about being creative. To see more details about the finalist of this contest, check the link above on my Instagram Profile. @famousbtsmagazine @hasselblad_official @hasselbladusa @broncolorusa @broncolor @obertobeefjerky @sandisk @bose @wacom @honda @officialfstoppers @fstoppersteam @pelicanproducts
Una foto publicada por Aleksandr Kapustin (@alexkphoto) el

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