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Sense Of Humor: The Key For Great Group Portrait Photographs

10/12/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

On this behind the scenes, hip-hop duo Hyungdon & Daejoon (They are most hottest comedian and musicians in Korea and Asia) collaborate with rock band Rose Motel for a concert and our friend Manchul Kim was the photographer behind the posters.

They show us a good sample of their good sense of humor. That is the key for great group portrait photographs.


Camera : Canon 5DS
Lens : EF24-70 II
Lighting : Elinchrom Ranger
Lighting Modifiers: Aurora Firefly PAR 95
Trigger : Pocketwizard

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About Manchul Kim:

I am a professional photographer living in Korea My love of photography has evolved over the years. On one hand, I love doing digital composites. The possibilities are endless, as are the hours spent on it. On the other hand, I yearn for being outside, away from the computer, getting back to the kind of photography that got me started in the first place. Either way, as I move forward, I want to focus more and more on stories. Let's Get Connected:

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