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Colin Anderson and the 1,000 Cranes

12/13/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In Japanese folklore, the allegory of the 1,000 Cranes says that a single wish will be granted by the Gods to a person that can fold one thousand origami paper cranes.

In 1955, 12-year-old Sadoko Sasaki was a girl irradiated at the age of two by the atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima who popularized the tale while dying from resultant leukemia.

In addition to a statue of Sasaki at Hiroshima, where locals to this day leave folded cranes in memory, a display to memorialize her efforts had been planned by Hawaiian Historic Parks for installation in Pearl Harbor to stand symbolically as a plea for peace.

About Author:

Colin Anderson and the 1,000 Cranes Based out of Australia, but finding himself working worldwide, conceptual artist Colin Anderson will often build a final still image from hundreds of other images and graphic elements. Taking the majority of the stills himself, the commercial photographer finds himself in demand with clients looking to build deeply symbolic narratives that must be told through only a single still image. With a talent for fantasy, computer work and studio lighting, Anderson has plenty of advice on cobbling together the needed components for composite work and conceptual commercial photography. Let's Get Connected:

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