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Behind Scenes of Ahn Ye-Eun’s Album Cover Shoot by Manchul Kim

12/13/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

On this behind the scenes, our friend Manchul Kim was the photographer behind the cover of  K-pop Star 5 (South Korean music competition show) runner-up Ahn Ye-eun, a young singer that has produced and wrote all songs of his debut album.

They wanted a picture that embodies the meaning of each song for the production of the deluxe edition, so it was necessary to go through more concepts in a day than any other photoshoot for an album, and the concept and the way of shooting were changed in a hurry the day before the shoot.

Of course, there was a lot of coffee drunk to come up with the concept. Compare the actual image with some of the sketches. The photoshoot was enjoyable, and I expect good news about her album.

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About Manchul Kim:

I am a professional photographer living in Korea My love of photography has evolved over the years. On one hand, I love doing digital composites. The possibilities are endless, as are the hours spent on it. On the other hand, I yearn for being outside, away from the computer, getting back to the kind of photography that got me started in the first place. Either way, as I move forward, I want to focus more and more on stories. Let's Get Connected:

Thanks Manchul for your help and support.

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