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LIT Reinvents Mobile Photography with Handheld Wireless Xenon Flash

4/18/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

LIT Reinvents Mobile Photography with Handheld Wireless Xenon Flash

Creator of Lumu Light Meters Introduces an Effortless Light Shaping Experience for Mobile Photographers with Bluetooth connectivity and High Speed Sync (HSS)

April 16th 2019, Ljubljana (Slovenia, EU) - LIT Vision Ltd. today launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for LIT Flash, an innovative new photo flash that uses advanced technology to reinvent how we use smartphone cameras to document life, make art and produce commercial-grade photography, providing wireless freedom of motion and strength of light not possible before.

And they put their money where their mouth is, creating all of company’s imagery only with smartphones and LIT Flash.

For the first product, they tried to strike a balance between power, size, and usability:

  1. 40Ws of power (similar to your standard Speedlite i.e. 130-times more than 1500 lumen LED light)
  2. Can do HSS: works with smartphone shutter speeds from a few seconds to 1/10,000 of a second
  3. Bluetooth sync (you can connect up to 4 Flash units)
  4. Has remote capture button, bayonet mount and 1/4” tripod thread
  5. A truly intuitive mobile user experience

High-Speed Sync (HSS) Mode ..... for freezing motion

This advanced LIT Flash capability enables you to use really short exposure times (down to 1/10,000s). Without any troubles for you, LIT Camera app will enable it automatically when needed.

Light painting:

IT Flash prototype at full power. Triggering with built-in remote capture button. Distance: 130 feet (40 meters). Settings: 1/30s, ISO 300. [iPhone 8 Plus + LIT Flash]

 Create mobile photos like never before. 

Shot with various mobile phones + LIT Flash prototypes. Explore them in full resolution >


Be the first to receive one LIT Flash. Save $150 off the $329 estimated retail price. Visit their Kickstarter project page, check it out for more infoGet your Lit Flash

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