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Portrait Photography: Using a Flag

4/10/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Portrait Photography: Using a Flag

In this video, in addition to the content in his brand new 'Timeless' Tutorial, Glyn Dewis
 wants to share with you a little extra where at the end of the original footage they then added one extra light and one flag to show how a simple addition can completely transform the final look.

It is an interesting live video that we recommend viewing it in its entirety, but if you are looking for the specific content that may interest you, we leave you a time list with the contents.

Behind the scenes: 10:15
Retouch: 15:00
The Project: 39:00


This project started in early 2019 and has had an excellent international reception. The idea is to pay tribute and give a memory to the families of anonymous heroes who risked their lives to defend the lives of their families. This project represents more than just a few photographs, it is an alarm signal for the following generations who must remember that we must prevent a World War from happening again. And for that, nothing better than showing our affection to our elders.

Glyn explains the purpose of the 39-45 PORTRAITS PROJECT:

  • To HONOUR and REMEMBER our surviving World War 2 Veterans by photographing as many of them as is possible in order to provide both them and their families with classic, timeless portraits they treasure and can remain in their families for generations to come.
  • To sensitively EDUCATE the current and future younger generations about the events of World War 2 and of those who served, survived and were lost, so that their memories and sacrifices are never forgotten and such events may never happen again.

39-45 Portraits Project





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About Glyn Dewis:

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As a Photographer, Educator and Best Selling Author, this space on the internet is where I share all things Photography and Post Production (Retouching) with the sole purpose of Educating and Inspiring others to reach their full creative potential through my articles, tutorials, videos and books.
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