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The Ultimate Stripbox Guide by Gavin Hoey

2/22/2024 Matt 0 Comments

 A strip box is so much more than just a long, thin softbox. It’s effectively two light modifiers in one. Use it in one direction and it’s a small-sized softbox but rotate it 90 degrees and now it has some of the properties of a much larger softbox. 

As Gavin Hoey demonstrates right from the outset, what a strip box doesn’t do is produce a thin strip of light. Instead, it has a rapid fall off of light from its smaller, thin side and once you understand how that works a stripbox can be a very creative tool indeed.

Gavin shows how he uses a horizontally rotated strip box to create portraits with soft light but also plenty of shadows. He then uses the same set-up as a beauty light, giving a long straight catchlight in the model's eyes.

Next Gavin spins the strip box to the vertical position and shows how it can be used as an edge light. Finally, Gavin pushes the limits of what a strip box can do by deliberately including it in the final image where it appears as a neat white stripe against a bright red background. 

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