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Hasselblad 907X vs Leica M11 | Battle of Luxury Cameras

2/26/2024 Matt 0 Comments


In the world of photography, having access to cutting-edge equipment is a rare privilege. Benj Haisch, a photographer with a penchant for excellence, finds himself in a unique position, equipped with both the Leica M11 and the Hasselblad 907X with CFV 100C. In this exclusive exploration, Benj delves into the realm of these high-end devices, providing insights into their usage, similarities, and the experience of wielding two of the most distinctive cameras in 2024.

A Visual Feast: Design Aesthetics and Styling

The Leica M11 and the Hasselblad 907X share not only a hefty price tag but also an exquisite design aesthetic reminiscent of vintage film cameras. These devices are more than just tools; they are objects of beauty that transcend their functionality. Benj notes how they could easily double as coffee table adornments, with their timeless charm and classic design.

Similarities in Use: Beyond the Price Tag

While the Leica and Hasselblad differ significantly in their operational mechanisms, they share a common ground in deviating from the norm of modern mirrorless and DSLR cameras. The Leica employs a true coincident rangefinder, offering a non-digital, tactile experience. On the other hand, the Hasselblad's 907X uses a screen but redefines the digital experience with a unique approach, especially when coupled with Hasselblad lenses.

Sensors and Image Samples: A High-Resolution Affair

Both cameras boast impressive resolution, with the M11 at 60 megapixels and the Hasselblad 907X at a staggering 102 megapixels. This density results in sharp images with excellent dynamic range and color fidelity.

In conclusion, Benj Haisch's exploration of the Leica M11 and Hasselblad 907X with CFV 100C offers readers a glimpse into the world of luxury photography equipment. Beyond the price tags, these cameras stand out for their design, functionality, and the unique experiences they offer to photographers daring enough to wield them.

Image and video via Benj Haisch