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The Power of the Crop in Photography

3/05/2024 Matt 0 Comments


In the fast-paced world of photography, seasoned photographer Joris Hermans delves into a timeless technique that often goes unnoticed— the power of the crop. In a recent video, Hermans shares insights on how a simple adjustment can unearth hidden treasures in your photographic archives.

Reflecting on his journey as a photographer, Hermans emphasizes the significance of cropping in refining composition. He asserts that embracing the act of cropping is a hallmark of a skilled photographer, as it demonstrates an acute awareness of when a composition could be improved. According to Hermans, all great photographers, without exception, engage in the practice of cropping to enhance their images.

In conclusion, Joris Hermans delivers a concise yet insightful exploration of the power of the crop in photography. Through personal anecdotes and practical examples, he encourages photographers to embrace this transformative technique, unearthing hidden gems within their archives. 

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About Joris Hermans:

Hi my name's Joris Hermans. I'm a Belgian documentary photographer, filmmaker and... I guess YouTuber? I spent 2018 and 2019 traveling and photographing the world and now most of my days are spent creating the films you see here. I share everything that I've learned over the past decade of photographing the world and what I'm learning now on this journey of creating my own original content.  You can support my content & get exclusive videos here:

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Image and video via Joris Hermans