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A classic street photographer: Eddy Pula uses Tri-x film and a Hasselblad

9/20/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

Eddy Pula is a Boston based Photographer, who has been working in his Field for 6 years. Boston, Los Angeles, and Missippi Eddy takes pictures of the people. Come check out the Bad Dudes show With Eddy Pula and Samuel Quinn October 1st 2011 2-6pm @ The Lillypad in Cambridge.

by Bad Dudes Productions

About Eddy Pula

I am a photographer working in the streets and parks and living rooms and rec centers and convience stores and hair salons and beaches and race tracks and office buildings and diners and barns and airplane hangers of America. (via karapture)






He complains that most of photography is of beautiful people in highly artificial settings. From this video I do like his style, however would insist his work is as well artificial, seeing how asking permission renders it artificial.

The glimpses he talks about in his early days of shooting may not have been as compelling as his current work, but no doubt it was more "real".

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I just don't see anything artificial about his work at all. He's making portraits of regular people in their natural environment - their expressions and the demeanor that they carry for the photo are more real than anything else, add to the fact that his photos are just beautifully made.