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Mike Kelley, an architectural photographer that uses strobes and PocketWizard

11/09/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 5 Comments

 This episode features Mike Kelley, a local photographer and digital artist, while he is on an architectural photo shoot in Hollywood.

Shot on a Canon 60d | Artist: Bon Iver | Song: Towers
by Peter Donaghy
Maybe you know Mike Kelley for his previous video:

In this video he shows you everything that goes into an architectural exterior, from setup, taking each individual exposure, and combining all of them together in Photoshop to make the final image.




the don said...

thanks ISO 1200! I shot this at ISO 640 I hope u guys arent offended :)

Thanks Mike to share this interesting and instructive lesson about architectural photography. Do not problem with ISO, but next time try to 1200, be better sure. :D.

See you next BTS video. We wanna be the first again to post it.

Pantelis K said...

Excellent work Mike, thanks for sharing

Jonathan said...

I got absolutely nothing from that at all!
Basically it just showed what equipment he used. Where was the more important 'how' and 'why'??!!

Dear Jonathan, maybe this video can help you to understand how and why to iluminate different sections of the house and finally to get only one image with photoshop.

I wish to help you with this