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How Steve McCurry prints his pictures...........the secret is here

12/07/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Epson presents the making of - 2011

A journey behind the scenes of the Steve McCurry exhibition:

We take you on a journey behind the scenes of the fascinating work that has gone into this exhibition, featuring a great photographer and his photographs, an international company like Epson, which has made high-quality printing its mission, and a print shop, the Studio d'Arte Berné in Varese, which has been part of this venture at every step.

More than 50 large format photographs printed with Epson technology in Italy, involving months work and numerous trips back and forth from Italy to America, hours spent analyzing the prints even to the most minute detail, phone calls, tests, verifications, colour adjustments, fine editing, right up to the final prints, those which, as McCurry himself says, allow him "to see the same colours and feel the same sensations he remembers when taking the shots". And among these images there had to be the green-eyed Afghan girl, who encapsulates the essence of the extraordinary career of one of the greatest contemporary photographer-reporters.

The Epson video presents the making of - 2011 will be showing during the exhibition. ( text via )

video by MovieKit