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How photograher Rob Van Petten did sample images with Nikon D800 and PocketWizards | BIG RESOLUTION PICTURE

2/07/2012 Matt 1 Comments

Rob Van Petten had every intention of becoming a famous rock guitar player. Somewhere along the way he began taking pictures of rock bands and got more work shooting pictures than playing his guitar. Then 35 years went by.

Now Rob shoots fashionable pictures for advertising and editorials. Guitar music still plays continuously in the background. Metal textures, modern architecture and cosmic lighting contribute to the effects in these digitally manipulated images. The use of light energizes the images beyond just illuminating the scene.
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Photographer: Rob Van Petten
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by Rob Van Petten: website | blog | facebook | via @pocketwizard


Nubiana said...

what is the name of the model?