Master Any Lighting Setup With The Help Of set.a.light 3D

Product photography and studio lighting step by step how-to video

4/08/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

 When shooting products, going beyond the "product on white" or "product on black" lighting setups can be very rewarding.

This video looks at a macro or product photography lighting setup with studio lighting step-by-step as the image is assembled from one light and beyond.

This video covers: studio strobes, monolights, reflectors and grids, backlight, photographic reflector, DIY reflector, diffusion material, product photography strategy, achieving depth in your photograph, hard vs. soft shadows, managing reflections, and other important topics in lighting for product photography.

via Leica Boss


Pierre said...

Thanks. This was really helpful.

Rick Rose said...

Could you please ask permission before using one of my photos in the future?

The one at 0:55 was mine of my studio.