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Watch what it took to capture the amazing image of Polar Bear in the Arctic by Wildlife photographer Florian Schulz

6/15/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Wildlife photographer Florian Schulz goes to great lengths to capture the stunning photos seen in the companion book for our film, To The Arctic 3D. -- for more info on the movie, more photos from the book, and facts about why the Arctic Ocean and its inhabitants are worth protecting.
Watch what it took to capture the amazing image we used for the cover of our To The Arctic companion book!

For more information on Arctic wildlife, see the new IMAX® film "To The Arctic 3D" opening in select IMAX Theatres starting April 20, 2012. "To The Arctic 3D" is a MacGillivray Freeman Film from Warner Bros. Pictures and IMAX Corporation. Presented by One World One Ocean Foundation.

All photographs copyright Florian Schulz /
 by One World One Ocean


Unknown said...

I think it’s fabulous this film was made, especially with the work that went into making it possible. It’s brilliant; observation of the life of a polar bear family. I hope we get to continue to be amazed by their beauty, or they can adapt to different surroundings. I make a study out of endangered species in hopes that one day I can help with various ideas. It makes for a perfect distraction on my frequent business trips for Dish. I get many documentaries and resource materials from subscribing to Blockbuster @Home, which is great for layovers at any airport. As long as I have loved different species, helping them even a little feels really, good.