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Erik Almås: Behind The Scenes of Land Surveyors Series and interview with Chris Orwig

11/10/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Erik Almas, originally from Norway has made San Francisco his home. He is shooting constantly, traveling around the world for clients such as Toyota, Puma, Nike, Hyatt, USPS, Citibank and Amtrak.

Erik’s sensibility is down-to-earth, he loves what he does and on top of that is a most talented compositor in creating memorable advertising images for his clients. When Erik has his feet on the ground, he enjoys contributing to 7x7 & Genlux Magazine, shooting fashion stories with a passion for art and beauty.



The full interview with Chris Orwig will be available on Erik's upcoming DVD "On Aspects of Image Making" covering 8 hours of educational content and retouching tutorials.

Via Erik Almas | Website | Facebook


Unknown said...

Wow great photos of land surveyors.
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