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Food Photography Master class by British chef, restaurateur and media personality Jamie Oliver & David Loftus

11/22/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 5 Comments

How do the world's top chefs photograph their food for recipe books?

Photographer David Loftus and Jamie Oliver have worked together for the past 15 years preparing and shooting food for countless cookbooks and websites.

In this master class, David (shooting on the Nikon D4) and Jamie (shooting on the Nikon D3200) explain how they capture rich, vibrant imagery of the food that Jamie cooks, and what can we learn from them for our own food photography.



Anonymous said...

Seriously the kit lens. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

dont believe the stills were shot with this setup. really disapointing... a famous food photographer shoots like that?

Anonymous said...

Nice! I like food photography. Thanks for posting. :)

Andrea said...

I do actually shoot my food photography with a Canon kit lens (24-105 f4): I know it's a L series but It's still a kit lens, far away in terms of quality from the Macro lenses or the better zoom (aka the brick). Well: the results are quite impressive, and you know why? 'Cause what it counts it's the light, nor the lens nor the camera, but the light. So when you're in a very well video studio, with all the lights set up already done, it's kinda easy to take good picture. :)

Mats said...

I prefer to learn from my wife instead, this was not bad but not that good either. :)