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STEAL MY PHOTOGRAPH!: Warm Regards, the Art Thieves! (PART II)

11/26/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Where are the Stolen Photographs ?

 I helped my friend to steal her photograph and so I was left empty-handed myself. But when you saw my sad face, you let me pick and choose one of your smaller photographs that were still left. I decided upon the cool man standing almost Jesus-like in front of our red and white flag, Dannebrog (the Danish flag).

The photograph and its colors match my red record player very well. Therefore it was only natural to have it displayed together with it and my other artsy stuff. Thanks for my man!

- Eva
— with Eva Kold.

 I came to your Copenhagen-event by coincidence on my way back to Germany from a holiday in Norway. Coincidentally I happened to steal a photograph taken at the Vigeland Park in Oslo. We had visited it only two days earlier. I love your ironical comment - this atrocity in the middle of beautiful Oslo.

As I am working as a judge, steeling something does not occur to me very often. But I have to admit I had great fun in doing so! I thought it might be a good idea to place your photo in my office at the court where I am working. A stolen photograph displaced in a court of justice - this might be rather unique, don´t you think so?

- Hans

 Once again thanks for a great event! I haven't really found a designated space for the Swan Lake Girl (yes, I call her that these days). So for the time being she is hanging in my bedroom. I can look at her and be reminded of my 'Steal My Photograph' -experience whenever I wake up or decide to take a power-nap.

- Thomas — with Thomas Christoffersen.

 Kudos! For a fun and unusual event. And what a trade-off it was - not one, but TWO original Renlund-photographs!

Our stolen merchandise is now gracing our apartment interior here in Sydhavn, Copenhagen. We feel the surrealistic twist brings a comfortable counterbalance to the living room. True harmony. Thank you for that, Lukas.

Your fun lovin' criminals,

Anna & Simon
— with Simon Koldborg Jensen and Anna-Sofia Lindh.

 Your photograph finally completes my photo-wall - and I enjoy every second I spend looking at it. The photo ties my dorm room living quarters together, so nicely.

Thank you Lukas, you're an awesome dude!

- Maria
— with Maria Little.

Cool event, was great meeting you. Here is a picture of our stolen photograph - loyally guarded by our dog.

- Benjamin & Morten
— with Trunte.
Thank you for a fun event and a beautiful photograph. As you can see things are looking good at home, here in Vesterbro. My partner in crime and I, have amongst ourselves, agreed to share the photograph - so that it will travel back and forth between our apartments.

- Hugs from your art-loving friends in crime, Nadia & Eva

My husband and I were fortunate to have participated in your event on that beautiful day in Copenhagen. Your photographs are now installed in our living room, and I promise to look after them dearly.

- Sabina & Neso

My compliments for an exciting and unique event, with photographs I am all a big fan of.

I went for the beautiful landscape, which I was also lucky enough to get my hands on before the place got totally burglarized. The photograph now decorates my antique, romantic desk in my Copenhagen-apartment in Østerbro.

- Nanna

The photograph I stole from you is now hanging at my place in the artsy part of Copenhagen, Vesterbro. I had my eyes on this photograph from the moment I saw it. I think it makes for a nice contrast to my otherwise feminin decor.

- Caroline

I stole one of your photographs earlier today. Its currently in my dorm room in Nørrebro, but I'm a student from the United States of America studying in Copenhagen for the semester, so I'll be bringing it back with me this December. Specifically, I'll be bringing it to Farmington, Minnesota for a month, and then back to Beloit College in Wisconsin where I study. Who knows where it will go from there! - Kyle

I felt compelled to include the Norwegian flag in this picture for you :)

The fact that this photograph of yours was made in Vigeland Sculpture Park makes it even more special to me. You see, the location is only 20 minutes away from my home back in Oslo. That is also why your photograph is placed next to the naked human sculptures - it is after all what the sculpture park is famous for. Now, I have all of this to look at if I ever feel homesick.

- Guro
Thank you for the photograph. It took some time to find a worthy spot for it here in my Vesterbro -apartment. I decided to hang it in my living room, centered between to large windows overlooking my street.

Now my stolen merchandise has also become a popular conversation topic when I have guests visiting. I'm so happy with it!

- Pernille
— with Pernille Kornbeck.
Your horse & horse rider have taken the long journey to Jylland and are now enjoying their new home, together with their proud owner. Thank you so much.

- Lene
— with Lene Vestergaard Johansen.
Muhahahaaa! Yet another trophy - and what a nice one - in my stolen goods Finland Hall of Fame. My latest acquisition, stolen from Lukas Renlund, reminds me that 'standing tall' in this tilted world of ours is merely a matter of point of view - pure poetry. Cheers!

- Thomas
— with Thomas Fungis Hansen.

This album is dedicated all Art Thieves of Copenhagen, that August 25th 2012 participated in STEAL MY PHOTOGRAPH! Quite literally, I invited passer-byers to steal my photographs – in exchange for a picture taken of where they decided to hang the photograph they had stolen. 

These are pictures I have received so far. I'm continuously adding to this album, as more pictures are sent through. I am also receiving little stories in some of your e-mails. I smile when I read them. It's really quite intriguing - your stories are all so unique. 

Thank you sharing these stories with me. With your permission I've attached them with your pictures.

 Feel free to tag your own if you like.

Via Lukas Renlund and Anders Lönnfeldt