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A Picture of War: A portrait of photojournalism

12/02/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Everyone thinks in photojournalism as an epic work, but we do not stop to think what the photographer has to suffer when he comes home after seeing the horrors of war.

This film was the Lucas´ Graduate Film 2010, Griffith Film School, Griffith University, completed November 2010 and talks about this problem.


2011 - ACS Gold, QLD & NT ACS Awards, Student Cinematography
2011 - Best Cinematography, Shorts on the Green Film Festival
2011- Most Outstanding Cinematography, Griffith Film School Awards, 2010 Graduating Class
Prod - Rachael Janssen
Dir - Kristy Campbell
DP - Lucas Tomoana
Edit - Anders Göberg
VFX - Matt Crump
Art Dept - Kelly McLeod
1st AD - Peter Cunningham
Sound Design - Shaun O'Brien


Format - 5D / 7D / Super 16

About Lucas Tomoana:

Being the son of an Army Major, I had my sights set on following in my fathers footsteps and joining the infantry. I almost did, as I was in the Reserve while I studied film, but the opportunity to pursue an art form I really loved was much too hard to pass up, so I opted for the other kind of shooting.

Unlike many others I didnt have a camera growing up, it was a luxury my family couldnt afford. Instead I substituted drawing, modeling and lego to help create these visuals I had as a kid.

I came across Cinematography late in my teens and since then, I havent looked back. I love teamwork, collaborating with directors and bringing their vision, through light and composition, to the big screen. It's something I feel very privileged to do.

As a 23 year old I have plenty more to learn about the craft however I do hope you enjoy watching my work as I learn and grow shooting these projects.

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