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#NoFilter with Instagram's Biggest Stars

12/05/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

We're going behind the lens with Instagram's biggest stars! First up, we talked to master photographer Steph Goralnick.

Name: Steph Goralnick
Instagram: @sgoralnick
Resides: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Job: Graphic designer/photographer
Style: Colorful mayhem
Followers: 153,000
On Instagram since: October 2011

Steph Goralnick

Here are @chrisozers secrets to success. And don't forget to head over to Instagram after you watch our interview — Chris' tips and tricks will be taking over @thedailyphotos all weekend.

Name: Chris Ozer
Style: Urban Landscapes
Instagram: @chrisozer
On Instagram Since: December 2011
Followers: 114,000
Resides: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Job: Recruiter at NYU

Visit his blog:

Chris Ozer

Photographer Alice Gao (@alice_gao on Instagram). After the video, head over to Instagram — Alice is taking over our feed all weekend at @thedailyphotos!

Alice Gao
Hello! I am a lifestyle and wedding photographer based in NYC and available for travel.
You will likely find me schlepping around the city carrying one too many cameras and a cup of joe.
I absolutely love my city and my job, and I'm glad you have found my work.Saids Alicia

Master mobile photography Liz Eswein, or @newyorkcity on Instagram. After the video, head over to Instagram — Liz is taking over our feed all weekend at @thedailyphotos!

Name: Liz Eswein
Instagram: @newyorkcity
Resides: New York, N.Y.
Job: Co-Founder of Mobile Media Lab
Style: Urban landscapes
Followers: 335,000
On Instagram since: December 2011

Liz Eswein



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