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"Uplifted Kingdom": Other wet plate collodion project now with urban dancers by Jan Eric Euler

12/22/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Lately we followed the Berlin based photographer Jan Eric Euler to capture the making of his recent wet plate collodion project "Uplifted Kingdom".

For this series, focusing on the urban dance scene in Berlin and some of it's most influential dancers, Jan uses an antique technique invented in 1851 called the wet plate collodion process. This technique requires crafting everything from the glass shot on to the chemicals used during the process to be hand made from scratch, in the end producing very special one of a kind images.

Working with this very slow process and large format cameras, both technically completely contrary to the dancers contemporary art of movement, makes it incredibly difficult but also produces extraordinarily strong results.

Facing a lot of problems on the way, Jan now finally managed to capture the soul and emotions released in HipHop dance as well as the unique characters behind it in his very own way.

Wet Plate Collodion / 8x10" / Ambrotype
Wet Plate Collodion / 8x10" / Ambrotype

Jan also teaches this technique in well arranged workshops around Berlin.

Make sure to check out the complete series and Jan's other projects as well as workshop dates etc. at:

Big thanks for the incredible music to Mr. Hanbook!


Dancers: Isaac,Prince,Richie,Kingsley,L-Cubano,Koko
Camera: Max Hachemeister, Anna Lea Leon, Jan Eric Euler
DOP: Jan Eric Euler
Cut/Edit: Jan Eric Euler
Music: Handbook


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