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Classical Posing and Portrait Lighting with Photographer and Educator Frank Dispensa

3/26/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

While rules are often meant to be broken, knowing the techniques to create classic posing and classic lighting patterns are skills every portrait photographer should know. Join host Joe Brady and his special guest Frank Dispensa as many common posing situations for photographers are analyzed.

From headshots to full-length, sitting and standing, Frank will explore how light direction, body angle, head tilt, and hand and arms position can make the difference between an unflattering portrait and a great one making subjects look their best.

If you’ve never been taught how to pose, this free Webinar sponsored by Sekonic is a must-see event. Knowing how to pose — even when your informal shots are “not posed” — will let you capture your subjects at their most flattering best. When your clients look good, you look good, and so will your photography business.

Featuring Guest Photographer and Educator, Frank Dispensa via



Unknown said...

Thanks for this post, fantastic how skilled Frank Dispensa is. How he describes what poses work and why, just the comparison with the fence made me laugh.

Unknown said...

EducatorIs the backbone of nation.