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Miles Morgan: The Amazing Volcano Photographer

5/07/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

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“We” are a small group of amateur Fine Art Landscape Photographers located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest; Portland, Oregon to be more precise. By “we”, I mean “me”, and by small, I mean a group of 1.

My father, Hank Morgan, is a successful photojournalist, so I’ve always had cameras close by; but I never took the time to learn much about them. It wasn’t until April 2009 that I decided that I wanted to try my hand at landscape photography. After a short period of time, I was hooked, and have been trying hard to hone my skills both in the field and in Photoshop to produce images that are pleasing. The greatest gift that photography has given me is the return to nature that I was definitely missing in my life. I have seen enough stunning scenes during my brief stint as a landscape photographer to last a lifetime, and hopefully my images will allow you to enjoy them with me.

My philosophy of photography as art might be a little jarring to the the purist, but I sometimes rely on blending exposures and other Photoshop trickery to maximize my chances of coming away from my shoots with a few “keepers”. I enjoy spending time in the “digital darkroom” almost as much as I do shooting, so many times my images would be considered more digital art than traditional landscape photographs. ( Text via Miles Morgan´s website )

Fried Feet by Miles Morgan (MilesMorganPhotography)) on
Fried Feet by Miles Morgan
Phlegmtastic Voyage by Miles Morgan (MilesMorganPhotography)) on
Phlegmtastic Voyage by Miles Morgan
Electric Blue by Miles Morgan (MilesMorganPhotography)) on
Electric Blue by Miles Morgan
Fried Feet by Miles Morgan (MilesMorganPhotography)) on
Fried Feet by Miles Morgan

Miles Morgan´s website   | Images via 500px


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