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BTS of the SingTel Experience Centre:180 degree panorama interactive view of iconic cities on a giant 14 metre screen

6/17/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Want to see the world without leaving Singapore? Then visit SingTel Experience Centre at SingTel ComCentre and discover SingTel's latest innovation. Now you can explore city skylines at your fingertips and take photos with your chosen city in the background.

The SingTel Experience Centre in Singapore showcases technology controlled by intuitive body gestures using  XBox Kinect movement detection to manipulate and interact with ultra-high definition images on a giant 14-metre, 180-degree circular screen.
The system is able to detect the presence of up to five concurrent users and automatically adjusts images to cater to each user.

At launch, the centre features three iconic cities: Paris, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro. Users can zoom in and out of images and navigate to points of interest through intuitive movements and gestures. They can also take a photograph of themselves superimposed on the city landscape and share them via social networks.

When they launched the SingTel Experience Centre in December thet asked users for their feedback on what next location they want to see the most. To their surprise the exciting city users want to see was their own city, they want to see Singapore.

SingTel Experience Center is located at:
SingTel shop ComCentre
31 Exeter Road S'pore 239732
Mon - Sat : 10am to 9pm
Sun/PH : 11am - 8 pm
Nearest MRT Station: Somerset MRT



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