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Capturing Great Sports Shots from a Unique Point of View

11/02/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Having the ability to photograph sports up close adds incredible excitement and provides views of the action that you would never get to see as a spectator.

Join host Joe Brady as he shows you how he sets up remote cameras at sporting events and controls them from the sidelines with PocketWizard Radio triggers. Learn how Joe captures soccer action at the net and see a football team drive for the score from a camera mounted on the goal post. These unique points of view create important images that add to the story of the event. If you shoot sports, PocketWizard and these few bits of gear should be a part of your photographic arsenal.

Safety of the participants is paramount and your gear needs to be safe as well. Joe will show you the tools and a bit of do-it-yourself that can make this photography safe and fun for everyone involved. From rec-league soccer -- to high school football -- to pro sporting events, these techniques can help to make your sports photographs the talk of the town.