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How NOT to be a photographer at a gig or maybe yes?

11/01/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 5 Comments

Could someone explain me "what the hell" are doing this photographer at this live musical performance? Why does he put the camera over the head? This was the first I thought when I watched the video.

This is a brief clip of what this guy did the WHOLE night. The first band had to ask him to stop. I mean, WHAT THE FECK? - saids Jay Zee
Thanks to @Ben Morse  for sharing. He explains the story behind this video on Facebook
My friend Jon shot this last night. It's in portrait, but I can forgive him this once. Do you know this man? have you been subject to his crimes against photography / gigs / music? See if you can guess the point where I shouted "OH COME ON" at the screen....
The true is that if you move the camera with a speedlight using a slow speed you get a blur background and subject on focus, no? Maybe he is doing right.

I would like to see the final images and you? What do you thing about it? Respect

NOTE: Thanks to a reader now we have the final images.....and I have to said...COOL. Read comments


icie said...

Well his photos turned out pretty good.

Anonymous said...

It would have been nice if the uploader had given the band a mention/link. This video is currently at around 45k views which would have been great publicity for them.

Thanks for your comments and the link. About the band, do you know the website to include a link?

Anonymous said...

Sleeper Effect

The link is on the video now.

Anonymous said...

he is using the rear-curtain sync with his flash.

camera curtain opens for 1 or two seconds...he moves camera around gets the blur effect of ambient lights, then before second curtain closes the exposure the flash fires thus "freezing" the subject in the image but still keeping the ambient light streaking.