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How to use strip lights to capture a beautiful outdoor portrait by Joe McNally

11/23/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 3 Comments

Adorama Photography TV Presents Photo on the Go with Joe McNally. In this episode, Joe demonstrates how to use strip lights to capture a beautiful outdoor portrait.

The Lighting Setup:

© Joe McNally

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Anonymous said...

The only problem is, these cost $1100 each. I am a huge fan of Elinchrom but these are ridiculously overpriced..

Anonymous said...

Yah, and also didn't really go into much detail as to why you would use these over a conventional soft box and why you would pick this size of strip light. I understand why you would, but as a beginner, this still would make no sense

Hi. To get a soft light you need to close to the subject. With an small soft box is more difficult to get it. This is why Joe uses strip lights.