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City lights with Santa's POV. Filmmaker Beto Lopez Captures San Francisco Christmas Eve By Phantom Drone

12/28/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Take a flight of the city which you never seen before. Check out the famous Tom and Jerry House at the end of the video and fun flying camera shots all over the city at night.

Here two frames from the video. Really nice. It is incredible what you can do with a GoPro.

Copyright owned by Beto Lopez
Copyright owned by Beto Lopez

Beto Lopez, the filmmaker behind this project ( website ) explains:

If you are a new owner of one of these flying camera UAV's please do not do what I do. Practice in open fields, parks with no people and empty beaches away from the water while flying low. I have put hundreds of hours of flight time practice to get to the level I'm at. This video is my art piece as a Christmas gift to the city I love and not in commercial use. 

Copyright owned by Beto Lopez / Mooncricket Films in association with David Perry & Associates, Inc.

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