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Let there be Phlite™:Turn your camera gear into a beautiful floor or desk lamp

12/06/2013 Matt 2 Comments

As photographers, we spend a ton of cash on beautifully engineered gear; steel and carbon fibre tripods, gorgeous cameras, industrial lightstands.... then for much of its life -when we're not out shooting- we hide it away, unused and unseen.

With Phlite, you can show off your camera gear. All the time!

Phlite transforms your camera gear - your tripod, your camera, your lightstand - into a beautiful floor lamp,
table lamp and desk lamp.

Phlite comes in large and small sizes. Large is perfect for tripods and lightstands, small is ideal for your cameras – but there are no limits: large looks great on bigger cameras and small looks cool on smaller tripods and stands!

Large Phlite includes the unique quick-fit clip so you don't get into a tangle clipping it on and off your tripods and lightstands. The clip is available separately if you need spares. Large is 28cm diameter by 25cm tall. Small is 16cm diameter by 20cm tall.

Lovely Canon AE1 and a world-map lampshade that's easy to make!

You're a creative type too, right? A bit of a maker? Great news! As soon as Phlite is funded, you'll be able to download - for free - the pattern for the Phlite shades to make your own... Here's one featuring a world map we downloaded from the interwebs.

Use your own photography, make different patterns, display your kids’ art, even make a double-walled shade to take slides, negatives and old X rays!

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