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Making of the badass changing lens on Sony A7R like you've never seen it before

12/27/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Without any doubt Sony has created one of the cameras what it has generated more expectations among photography enthusiasts: the full frame A7R. Sure you remember a few days ago we shared a commercial  video of this camera. Now thanks to a reader we have the opportunity to watch the behind the scenes.

Training for changing the lens
Everyone uses the adjective epic to catalog their videos this year, but this announcement is certainly one of the more visual we've seen. Interchange lenses worth almost 3000 dollars when you fly inverted  it is not a easy task. Finally they needed nine jumps to film the advert.

Rob has being one of the 2 Aerial DOP's and he knows the truth on how it was filmed:

Flying inverted: The only studio there was at 15,000ft.
I have been pretty amused at the comments on the A7R skydive commercial. The BTS Vimeo link gives some of it away. I laugh my guts out at the armchair experts who speculate what is "FAKE". You don't see every trick of the skydiving cinematographer trade and the multiple times we shot different views so the haters will never be satisfied . And to be truthful I'm not overly worried either. The BTS pretty much shoots them down.

When you use the best people for the job you can do amazing things.

The Cutting Edge team, DIRECTOR Jeff Gaunt, PRODUCER Bec Dakin, and 1st CAMERA ASSISTANT Jay Topping did a fantastic job out at Skydive Nagambie during the actual jump days.

Jeff and Jay got in the plane and shot some of the BTS shots which gave them a better understanding of what the Aerial  Team does. Very cool guys to work with. Bec Dakin took it one step further and did a skydive with the team.

I actually did 3 test jumps the week prior changing a  camera lens while in free fall so I can tell you 100% for sure it can be done. Why you would want to do it I'm not sure but that does not bother me.
People are missing the point of the project.  This is a small camera with big options (the photo's I took were pretty nice too).

If you want to know more about what the aerial team does look here Shane Sparkes of FB you can find us some place at and Jeff Gaunt of Cutting Edge If you want to know how it was put together.

If you want to know more about the people involved in the skydive sequences (not the studio product shots) check out the YouTube or Vimeo Credits. The best person to get a good quote from would be Jeff Gaunt or Shane Sparkes.

By  |  Thanks Rob!!