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Burwash Correctional Facility: Taking pictures in an abandoned prison in the middle of nowhere.

3/23/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

Photography creates a desire and a purpose to break out of the ordinary and explore our surroundings. This time the team heads north to the banks of the Wanapetei River, home of the Burwash Correctional Facility, an abandoned prison in the middle of nowhere.



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Mike Palmer - Director, Photographer
Alan Palmer - Executive Producer
Steven Ormsby - Producer
Jon Simonassi -- Cinematographer, Editor, Sound
Toronto Sound - Audio Mix

Special Thanks:
Mr. & Mr.'s Simonassi for their beautiful canoe (which we laid to rest at the prison)

Check out the high-res photos at: | Thanks Alan


Norma (Frizell) Beauchemin said...

I really enjoyed your video - the best I've seen of the old place. I was brought up in the village where all of the employees of the prison lived. I just wanted to let you know that particular prison was only built in 1958 or so and was emptied out by 1974, so it wasn't even 20 years old when they closed it down. This was a secondary prison, the main one was at the village site.

Anonymous said...

You can find more photos and information here: