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Recreating gorgeous classic Hollywood portraits with famous women photographers by Sue Bryce & Felix Kunze

4/09/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Sue Bryce & Felix Kunze recreat gorgeous portraits of the brightest stars of four decades of Hollywood history with  the most female talented photographers:Tamara Lackey, Susan Stripling, Brooke Shaden  & Lara Jade. This is the result.

© Sue Bryce & Felix Kunze
 Sue Bryce explains more about this project.
This sort of behind the scenes is so easy to create and everyone LOVEs them. In January I was in New York and I spent the whole day playing with these fabulous photographers. Myself Felix Kunze bought our Hollywood GLAM together and he showed me how to create or rather recreate these iconic hollywood images with 3 Arri lights and a 5x4 Softbox. Watching him work the light with diffusers and reflectors amazed me and seeing these shots come to life was just incredible.

Stills, lighting details and more information are on the blog