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Are some Photography Equipment Manufacturers using crop factor to mislead buyers about ISO, bokeh and aperture? by Tony Northrup

5/16/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Tony Northrup, is the author of 2012-2013 #1 photography book, "Stunning Digital Photography" (buy here) and famous for his rigorous reviews about photography equipment.
Tony explains this is the real aperture of his Panasonic f 2.8 lens

  This video can revolutionize our way of thinking about our cameras, lenses and manufacturers.

Real ISO
 Tony explains that only Canon, Nikon and Fuji are honest with his specifications with crop sensor cameras. It is a long video, but you must watch it to understand how to get similar results to a full frame sensor camera with a small sensor camera. Could be this true?
Real aperture
Please spread the word to end the cheating: Why you need to apply crop factor to both your ISO and aperture, and how Sony, Olympus, & Panasonic use crop factor to mislead buyers. -saids Tony-

0:00 - Introduction
1:28 - Focal Length & Crop Factor
3:35 - ISO & Crop Factor(2)
15:00 - Aperture & Crop Factor
21:18 - Panasonic misleading consumers
27:10 - Sony misleading consumers
29:53 - Olympus misleading consumers
30:50 - Panasonic misleading consumers (again)
32:01 - Fuji misleading consumers
33:18 - The Good Guys: Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sigma, Metabones, Voigtlander, and You
36:51 - Summary

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UPDATE: Is Tony wrong?Maybe Read this via Petapixel via

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Anonymous said...

Tony, you are doing a great service to the photography world. Thank you very much for that very informative video and for all of the material you produce. If my work ever gains notoriety, I will be sure to credit you and Chelsea as my mentors.