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A7s Rolling shutter and YES, Speedooster test!!

7/08/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This is the new experiment by Philip Bloom:

Yep. Ridiculous but I had to try this out as the rolling shutter issues are redcuced in the A7s crop mode.
Speedbooster is of course designed to make smaller sensors look and perform like larger sensors. The E mount mount is for cameras like the FS100 / FS700 and of course any of the APS-c Mirrorless cameras. It's a terrific bit of kit.
I show a comparison between detail and rolling shutter in full frame mode, crop mode and speedbooster in crop mode. It's crazy that I am even doing this but I had to and the results are impressive. The size of the noise though is enlarged in crop mode.
This won't work in 4K output mode as the sensor is sampled 1:1
Feel free to download plus and pro members but if you use any of it please credit "Courtesy of"

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Text and video via Philip Bloom