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Product Review and Giveaway: The Light Blaster

7/25/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

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Today on The Slanted Lens, we’re reviewing Spiffy Gear’s Light Blaster. This is a very unique piece of equipment. You can put your Speedlight in the back, any lens you want on the front, and it projects whatever image you put inside.

You can make the projections smaller or larger depending on the lens you put on it. There are a lot of creative possibilities with this. One disadvantage is that it is not a modeling light. Also, you can get a parallax if you have to put it off to the side. It would be good if you could put it directly behind your talent and use their body to hide it to avoid getting a parallax.

There are gobos and slides that you can put into it, but you can also make your own slides. This is a great new innovative piece of lighting equipment.

What would you do with a Light Blaster?

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