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UPDATE: The Quick Start Guide to Photoshop (Part 1, & 3)

7/25/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The idea of getting started in Photoshop can seem overwhelming for most. So many options, tools, windows etc. In this 3 part series, Phlearn .com will give you a quick start guide. This should have you up and using Photoshop in no time!


Spend some time becoming familiar with the tools and features outlined in this episode and you will be well on your way to using photoshop like a pro.


Finally they created this 3 part, "Quick Start Guide to Photoshop" to help you get to know the program before jumping in and making changes on your images. We cover the proper settings and preferences to get Photoshop working well.  

Thanks Phlearn .com cause a lot of readers sure love it!!! Read full post HERE