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iPhone 6: Mobile Filmmaking Tips and Tricks by Matthew Pearce

10/19/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Behind the scenes look at Matthew Pearce´s iPhone 6 video demonstration with some tips and tricks for mobile filmmaking.

This is the list of apps he uses:

Movie Looks
Filmic Pro
Video Crop

 DragonBorne: iPhone 6 Short Film

And this is thematic sequel to his iPhone 4S video; he wanted to do a demo on the video features of the iPhone 6/ iOS 8. Namely: focus, stabilization, high FPS, and speed in post.

This was created all on the phone, which is crazy when you think about it since just a few years ago this would have required tens of thousands of dollars in gear.

Text and video via  Matthew Pearce

Note: Other great app to film videos with your Iphone is the MoviePro, that brings 3K video to your iPhone 6. Recently we have share other great video about Optical Zoom For Filmmakers: iPhone 7 Plus Camera Review