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Photographer Luke Daniel gets under the skin of some of South Africa's mostfeared criminals.

10/18/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Luke Daniel (website) has photographed some of South Africa's roughest criminals to produce his latest project about Tatoos: Tjappies van die Point.

This is Ameer 'Mad Dog' - the youngest person I've photographed for 'Tjappies Van Die point'. He turned 21 last week Saturday, and has been in and out of reformatories and correctional facilities since the age of 14. Ameer lost both his parents at the age of 9. Three years later he tattooed 'RIP MUM & RIP DAD' on his wrists.Ameer is member of the Ugly Americans (gang), and is fully committed to a life of crime and violence. Still fresh-faced, sharp-minded, and with a muscular build - the life which lays ahead of him is sure to rob him of these features. This becomes especially poignant when viewing his portrait next to men who were once just like him - now in their late 60's, disheveled and regretful. He represents a new generation of gangsters and convicts - influenced heavily by American (hip-hop) culture - most of his tattoos reference lyrics and rap motifs.He also represents a swiftly changing tattoo culture within prison - where the technique of hand-poking is being replaced by prison-built tattoo machines.Tjappies Van Die Point© Luke Daniel

Pieter 'Ougat' Out of all the men I've photographed for 'Tjappies Van Die Point', Pieter is definitely the most intimidating. After spending close to 15 years in prisons across the Western Cape, he hasn't been able to successfully reintegrate himself into society. A life of abuse, violence and depravity have turned Pieter into a psychopath - a term he identifies with. Last week Pieter was attacked by several members of the Sexy Boys gang in Diep River. He was viciously beaten and stabbed in the neck, face and chest. The attackers left him and his girlfriend for dead - but Pieter managed to remain conscious and find his way to medical help.His madness can't be restricted by stitches and gauze.His only focus now is revenge.TJAPPIES VAN DIE POINT © Luke Daniel

'FUCK MY ENEMIES' Tjappies Van Die Point.

Today. Shooting for 'Tjappies Van Die Point' is coming to an end, soon. Blessed to have met some beautiful people. In the words of Vinny Jones: 'it's been emotional'

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