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Nikon D750 Real World Review with 7 DNG RAW Files to download

10/18/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Jared Polin have shared a new and real review in this case of the new D710 with the amazing and expensives  Nikon 400mm F2.8 and the Nikon 600mm F4. A cool combination for this review.

This is part of the review that he shares at YouTube:

Let me start of by saying this right off the bat, if I was in the market for my first Full Frame DSLR this camera would be it.

When I got the call from Nikon that they were about to announce another NEW Full frame camera I was a little shocked. They already had the D610 and the D810 so where would a new camera fit in the lineup and what would it be called.

You might think the new camera would be called the D710 but no, Nikon opted for the next best choice, the D750. Many people have been waiting for a replacement to the Nikon D700 which packs the top of the line sensor and pro features, but is this the answer?

I am not going to run down all the specs of the Nikon D750 again as I did a preview of the camera right here. What I will do is go into how I tested the camera and why. First off my style is to use cameras opposed to “test” cameras in the lab. Sure certain “lab” tests may garner interesting results but I want to know how the camera actually handles in the real world.

For the Nikon D750 review I chose to go back to High School and shoot a Thursday night football game under the lights. When I say under the lights what I really mean are the four polls with things on top of them that kind of illuminate the playing field. ( Text via Jared Polin )

Click Here to download the full res jpegs and 7 DNG RAW Files.

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