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How to catch your gift-hunting loved ones on camera this Christmas

11/14/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

As hapless boyfriend Mark finds out in Triggertrap’s new Christmas-themed promo video, trying to find out what’ll be under the tree for you this year is a whole lot harder when the love of your life has her hands on Triggertrap Mobile’s bag of tricks!

Using her smartphone and Triggertrap’s super-simple motion, vibration and sound sensors, Kelly has no trouble catching her snooping other half red-handed. She teaches Mark a lesson that he’ll remember until next year.

Starting at £22.99 for a connection kit - which combines beautifully with the free Triggertrap app on iOS and Android - Triggertrap Mobile is firmly in the stocking-stuffer category for 2014. In fact, we’re so sure that shoppers looking for the perfect present for the photographer in their lives will want one, we’re offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all orders over £20 between now and Christmas Eve.

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