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A Complete Guide to Posing with Julia Kelleher

12/10/2014 Matt 3 Comments

There are many nuances to getting great poses - family portraits introduce even more variables.

In this clip from the CreativeLive class, Family Photography: Capturing Connection, Julia Kelleher (website)  explains how to post groups, offers tips on posing with newborns and shows you how to get the most flattering angles of new moms.

Learn the basics of posing and lots of advanced tips in this tutorial from Julia Kelleher:


Anonymous said...

2nd video from Creative Live that I've watched... what's with the obnoxious, bossy, and generally unpleasant photographers who give out these lectures? She's talking to her audience as if they were retards. Eww.

Wendy V. said...

A very informative and well delivered presentation. Unlike "anonymous" above, I found the presenter to be articulate, fun,
knowledgeable, confident and down to earth. I was baffled to see the above comment. I would love to see more presentations from Julia.

Anonymous said...

She knows her stuff! And may want to chose a more appropriate word to refer to the audience!