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Do you like street photography? Visit Guizhou Province in China with Travel Photographer Larry Monserate Piojo

12/25/2014 Matt 0 Comments

For the season premiere episode, the Digital Photographer Philippines TV crew flew to China in cooperation with China Daily.

Guizhou Province via Wikipedia
For a couple of days, they travelled Guizhou Province with street and travel photographer, Larry Monserate Piojo (website), taking pictures like that. Take a rest and watch it. It is an incredible place for street photographers.

© Larry Monserate Piojo
Larry  is a photographer based in the Philippines, fells in-love with street photography, particularly photographing the streets in bad weather conditions and photographing people the way he’s most comfortable with —"up-close and with respect".

© Larry Monserate Piojo
Pure and spontaneous. The qualities I admire most about street photography.

Most people have nary a clue on how others react to a precise moment taking place. Unseen to them are the way individuals are positioned in an ordinary space. Often than not, these unfold unnoticed except for the few with trained eyes, appreciative and artistic mind.

Street photography demands an acute instinct to recognize these and respond by capturing that once-in-a- lifetime moment happening right in front of you. At times, it’s the way you anticipate things before it happens. A waiting game.

This episode is c-presented by China Daily

Text and video via Digital Photographer Philippines | Images via