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Cinematic Color Grading (Movie Looke Effect) with Photoshop

1/07/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to apply the cinematic effect to your photographs. The cinematic effect that we're going for is the teal-orange look, which is a typical movie effect in action movies.

This effect gives the dark shades of your image a cool teal tone, while the light shades take a warm orange look. This makes the actor stand out since the colors are complementary and creates a "pop"when put side by side.

It is a good idea to do a color correction on your image, so you that it has neutral grays and no color cast.

Here's the tutorial on color correction in case you need some help with that:


GC said...

Great tutorial, just discovered your site today. Tried this out on an image and was very pleasantly surprised by my results. Keep up the good work, great site!!

Matt said...

Thanks a lot. :D